Review of “Fateful Eyes” by Christoph Fischer

Fateful Eyes Book Cover

Writer and book reviewer Christoph Fischer ( and has written the following review for “Fateful Eyes”

“Fateful Eyes” by Panos Nomikos was given to me by the author for an honest review. I reluctantly accepted since romance mystery is not a genre I am quite familiar with, but fortunately there is more to the story than a simple tale of love.
The story of our protagonist Peter begins in a police station without giving us a clear indication why he is there, and from here on we jump back in time to several key moments in Peter’s life in the 2000s, 1990s and 1980s. World events such as: the bubble burst, 9/11, the introduction of the euro as currency in Europe and the Summer Olympics in Athens, all play key roles in the development of Peter’s life and his story.
While travelling the world for work, Peter receives mysterious and cryptic messages from a woman. Unsure what to do he includes his current wife into his attempts to solve the puzzle. Unsure whether this is an ex-lover, a stalker or a trap, Peter eventually tries to put an end to this harassment and only then does he get more information that leads him to regret his actions.
Unable to connect with the woman now he tries to pursue her. The journey takes us back into his past and his student life, while continuing in the present and the more recent past as well.
This is an intriguing story with a demanding but also rewarding use of jumps on the timeline that is written with Mediterranean passion. For me, as Northern European, it had something of the proverbial Greek Drama, both in the smaller detail as well as in the bigger themes of fate and missed opportunities that the author weaved so cleverly into the work. On a personal level, I found the generous use of adjectives at times too flowery and too elaborate, but I appreciate that without it the prose would not be as beautiful and poetic. Clearly the author has chosen this style to suit the theme of sentimentality and the emotional nature of his protagonist.
Here is an author with a great talent for story-telling and a promising future.

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I have published "Fateful Eyes", an intriguing novel about love, war, financial crisis and a man's quest to comprehend fate's dizzying gaze...
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