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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fateful Eyes by Panos Nomikos

Here is a suspense filled novel titled “Fateful Eyes” by Panos Nomikos

Book Description:

Much to his chagrin, Peter has been on tortuous and twisted path for fifteen years. As he moves through life in a foreign country without real satisfaction or achievement, he knows he is ready to reach the final destination of his journey. But it is only after he boards a plane to Frankfurt, Germany, that Peter finally feels he is on his way to solving a great puzzle. He is ready to end the search of a lifetime. Only Peter’s wife knows where he is headed. As his aircraft leaves the ground in Greece, Peter begins recalling the events that led to this moment. After he received mysterious text and e-mail messages while working in the Philippines four years earlier, Peter soon discovered a mysterious woman had been looking for him for years. Too busy with his work to pay much attention, Peter brushed her off, not realizing what an important person she was in his life, coming all the way from his youthful, lustful past. As Peter struggles to learn the woman’s identity, he becomes unwittingly entangled in the unpredictable upheavals that accompany the new millennium. Fateful Eyes is a story of one man’s quest to comprehend fate’s dizzying gaze as he searches for love and true fulfillment.

My Thoughts on this Book:

Initially, this book reminded me a movie titled “Memento.” – it’s a story being told backwards, in two minute fragments. I was reminded of this movie because for the first chapter I was confused. A story was being told, but I had no idea what it was until it was revealed that Peter had a long lost daughter that he never knew about, and whom he had scared off. Before this revelation came to light, I found the story confusing, and hard to follow. Once this was established, the story got better and more enjoyable, for me, as I understood that there was some purpose as to why we find Peter in a Frankfurt prison, being questioned.

I enjoyed reading how passionately Peter was in learning who his daughter was, and who her mother was, and why she kept a secret from him. He has a great backstory! He’s passionate in everything that he does, and it shows. He is also a “ladies man,” or more notedly, a young man who fell in “love” with women quickly (or perhaps he fell in love with the idea of being in love, as he had various relationships in university).

I also liked the backstory of Leila, however I did find her to be a tad overbearing and jealous at times. That being said, despite all her discomforts towards the situation, she was always there, supporting Peter.

All the events that lead up to Peter meeting up with Marina, Stefan and Anna – were suspenseful! And quite a tease considering how the book concludes! I thought that there would be one piece of the “puzzle” finally resolved, but, rather, a whole new puzzle is set before you, making you wonder even more who this mother and daughter are, and how they had managed to get a picture of Peter originally taken with Tonia, his sister?

Overall, I found this book to be ridiculously suspenseful, and constantly kept me on my toes trying to figure out and resolve this unexpected mystery in Peter’s life.

My Rating:

4 Stars    *    *    *    *

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I have published "Fateful Eyes", an intriguing novel about love, war, financial crisis and a man's quest to comprehend fate's dizzying gaze...
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