Fateful Eyes by Panos Nomikos

Review by Samantha Martin (5 stars):
Fateful Eyes was not what I expected, it was a whole lot more. Peter the protagonist, has traveled the worlds and visited many cultures. He receives a mysterious note from a woman and sets out to determine who she is and what the note means. Peter is hurdled through his life and the good and bad choices that he made. You will be bombarded with emotions that radiate from the pages of this story.

Panos Nomikos is a very descriptive writer that makes the reader feel like they are really there with the use of his adjectives. The twisted underbelly of Peter’s life comes to haunt him in this story because of this mysterious woman. Overall this is a fabulous read that will hook you from the very beginning.

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Author Spotlight

Panos Nomikos PhotoI am Panos Nomikos and I was born in 1961 in Athens, Greece, this beautiful country that has become lately the epicenter of the raging global financial crisis. During my carefree, youthful years, I roamed the idyllic islands of my home country having fun on the golden beaches under the sun with my friends and lovers. Later on, I studied for a Ph.D. in the UK and I started a career in Information Technology in the maritime sector, roaming again across the world on intercontinental business trips in faraway places in Asia, Europe and America. In the course of my career I have authored numerous essays and articles in professional publications.

I maintain a blog at https://panosnomikos.wordpress.com to write about my favorite themes related to my beautiful home country, Greece, its position within the world-wide socioeconomic transformations, and its current upheaval in the midst of the worst financial…

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About panosnomikos

I have published "Fateful Eyes", an intriguing novel about love, war, financial crisis and a man's quest to comprehend fate's dizzying gaze...
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