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I cordially invite you to visit and like the “Movie Heat” Facebook page that is maintained by my son Angelos Nomikos at

“Movie Heat” is a website for movie rating, like “Rotten Tomatoes”, “IMDb”, etc. We will provide an extensive review for almost every new film that comes out in Greece every week. Once our film review is posted, anyone can comment on the film.

“Movie Heat” went online in October 2012 and has since expanded significantly. It is followed by 1000+ cinema fans and it has partnered with “Thessaloniki Arts & Culture” events page at

For detailed reviews please go to “Photos” —> “Albums”, then select the Album with the release dates you want, and then select whichever movie interests you.

Movie Heat Administrators:

1) Manager —> Angelos Nomikos

2) Content Creator —> Paraskevi Giouvanaki

3) Moderator —> Dimosthenis Tsengeloglou

Description of Rating:

0/5 –> Awful

0.5/5 –> Very Bad

1/5 –> Bad

1.5/5 –> Below Average

2/5 –> Average (Not Recommended)

2.5/5 –> Interesting (Recommended)

3/5 –> Good

3.5/5 –> Very Good

4/5 –> Exceptional

4.5/5 –> Almost Perfect

5/5 –> Masterpiece

We hope you enjoy our website and find it useful & entertaining!


About panosnomikos

I have published "Fateful Eyes", an intriguing novel about love, war, financial crisis and a man's quest to comprehend fate's dizzying gaze...
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