Forbes: Tom Hanks’ Captain Phillips Says The High-Tech World Is A Shocking Delusion

The article below appears in Forbes here.

Tom Hanks’ Captain Phillips Says The High-Tech World Is A Shocking Delusion


We like to think we’re rapidly moving forward into a computer-enhanced world in which big data makes our decisions, robots do our work, and everyone lives an augmented reality.

But this is false.

Increasingly, our world is defined not by our most advanced technology, but by the distance between the most advanced and the least. Or more to the point, the difference in the lives between those with access to the fruits of technology and those without.

It’s Captain Phillips’ World Now
The Tom Hanks movie Captain Phillips, which hit theaters earlier this month, is based on the true story of a cargo ship’s captain taken hostage by Somali pirates. It’s a great movie, which starts out as you’d expect—ordinary guy gets thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

But by the end, you realize what the movie is really about: something stark and shocking.

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