HUFFPOST: History Tells Us What Will Happen Next With Brexit And Trump

HUFFPOST: History Tells Us What Will Happen Next With Brexit And Trump

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In my own book “Fateful Eyes” I am describing the seeds of a dystopian future sown during an “affluent and innocent era of plenty” (circa 2000 – 2005), when most people did not anticipate what would follow.

More than ten years later, I still see the world broadly moving in the direction foreseen in my book. This article in The Huffington Post neatly summarizes the recent developments and offers an interesting holistic long-term perspective on the socioeconomic movements that will be possibly seen by future historians as a defining transitional period between the Post World-War II era of the past six decades, and the new and (as of today) broadly unpredictable emerging era.

I need to emphasize that, although I have enjoyed the overall historical perspective offered in the above article, I do NOT endorse all the predictions and scenarios described therein (I am a bit more optimistic and I don’t agree with the author’s various doomsday scenarios, at least not yet), and I certainly do NOT endorse the author’s personal opinions about Donald Trump or about any other politician or personality described in that article. The author’s personal opinions do not coincide with my own.

Other than that, I think that this enlighting article is a must read.

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I have published "Fateful Eyes", an intriguing novel about love, war, financial crisis and a man's quest to comprehend fate's dizzying gaze...
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