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Thanos Paschos 12 May 2013

I have already indulged into the Greek version of your book and I am enchanted… You have a unique way of writing…


Nikolaos Marangos 28 Apr 2013

Panos, I read this with great interest. I also found a lot of aspects of my own self in it. Very interesting plot, I enjoyed the back-and-forth in the past and the intriguing details of every period and of every location. And I also enjoyed the indirect political extensions, that correspond to reality.

This, as a first comment!

As for the final solution, I am expecting it with great interest and impatience.


Marketa Suranova 1 Mar 2013

I was hooked to read through the sample of your book; your style is capturing and it keeps you in the rhythm to keep on reading. I also liked that the story is from real life, with references from your profession and realities & challenges of nowdays we are living in….. Congratulations & awaiting Volume 2!


Politimi Skondra 23 Feb 2013

I’ve read your book, it was great , looking forward for vol.2!

Manny Tzagarakis 18 Feb 2013

Enjoyed the book tremendously.
Looking forward to volume 2!


Nina S Pyndiah 04 Feb 2013

Dear Panos,
I have finally read the book, and I was spellbound.
I just could not put it down, and when I finished it, I was sorry that it was not longer.
I have to congratulate you on such a well written piece, the suspense was palpable throughout the book, the descriptions of London (where I partly grew up), and Manilla (which I visited several times on business) were so accurate and I could identify myself with a lot of the feelings that you painted.
I just cannot wait to read the sequel.
Once more, my heartfelt congratulations on an excellent work.
Kind regards,


Eleni Mastorakos 29 Jan 2013

Panos is a smart, wonderful man who is dedicated to his unique pursuit of happiness. He is passionate about life, the moments he has succeeded, and the ability to write about life and love and the journey among both counterparts. Panos has a brilliant, thought provoking story he has told in a novel that is now for purchase.


Michael Chatzilias 13 Jan 2013

One of the greatest books I have read, and read on and on during my travels, which combines the Cosmopolitan hubs of the world, with the picturesque places of our home country Greece, For a Reason!
The forgotten flamboyant events of Greece, with his ultimate business goals, the unstoppable energy of the main character, with his calmness and intelligence, Energy with Kindness at its greatest moments.


Kyriakos Perpinias 19 Sept 2012

A nice reading which I would surely recommend for anybody. Panos Nomikos take us from the hand on a “tour de force” through the tumultuous era of Greek modern history after the junta fall in the 70s until now, with fast paced suspense at places alternating by meticulously detailed narrative which no doubt touches a raw nerve and awakes memories to all of us of the generation now in our late forties to early fifties. True to its title, the “Vol.1 The puzzle and the journey” is a page turner that in the last few pages takes a sudden twist and leaves the reader wondering what will come next and yearning for the second volume of the Fateful Eyes.


Kyriakos Perpinias 25 Sept 2011

A real page turner…
I have downloaded it and loaded it on my mobile!!! I was at an event with my son from 4pm to 9:30pm and I read from page 16 (that I had reached at the beginning of the summer when I had downloaded Part 1) up to page 66, 50 pages on my mobile, can you believe it?
Very nice and well written. Allow me to tell you that you have a ‘writing charisma’ and I am saying that while I am reading a lot and about 90% of that (no exaggeration here) in English. Warm congratulations.


Vedant Chowdhury 16 Sept 2010

Thanks, Panos will do
read the first chapter – very well written indeed..
cheers, vedant


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